Electric heating elements & resistors

Our electric heating elements and resistors can be components in all kinds of combinations. To find a heating component appropriate for your application,
it is very important that you take into account all of the part’s characteristics.

Would a flexible or a rigid resistor be better? Are you in a hazardous (i.e. explosive) environment? Do you need an anti-condensation heater? Only the right component for the right application will guarantee maximum safety, reliability and performance. Feel free to contact us. We are glad to help you make the right choice.

Tubular elements

schroefThese are the most polyvalent components. Can be formed in all kinds of shapes.

Fin elements

schroefTubular elements equiped with dissipation fins for an increase in heat dissipation.


schroefCartridges in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

Strip and ring heaters

schroefFlat heating elements might either be tubular or circular.

Band heaters

schroefBand heaters in all sizes and outputs.

Formable elements

schroefElements that can be formed on site.

Cast heaters

schroefAluminium or bronze cast heaters with high inertia.

Heating silicone mats

schroefFlexible thin heaters.

Ceramic core elements

schroefReplacement elements for heating of water or to replace immersion heaters.


schroefConnection and power accessories.

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