Electrical trace heating

Electrical trace heating, or heat tracing, is a trade in itself. Most often, this technique is used to control the temperature of vessels and pipes, and to protect them from frost. However, trace heating is also utilized when frost proofing buildings (roofs, pipework,…) and to keep snow and ice from building up on e.g. driveways. Electric trace heating is an alternative to steam trace heating. We design your trace heating system as well as install it with the utmost care. To find out more about our experience with trace heating, have a look at our past projects.

Building technique: freeze protection

schroefFrost may seriously dammage plumbing. Bursted pipes or hot water cooling of is to be avoided.

Industrial freeze protection

schroefHeat loss of liquids must in wintertime be compensated in order to guarantee the continuity of your installations.

Building technique: snow & ice protection

schroefEvery year wintery weather conditions cause bad consequences: slipping, breaking guttering, …

Industry: maintain process temperature

schroefWhen industrial process piping, storage tanks, etc. have to be heated, we can provide the appropriate products.

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