ATEX heating systems

ATEX is the EU guideline for explosive environments. It derives from the French ATmosphères EXplosives. The guideline 94/9/EG (or ATEX 95) describes the equipment which can be utilized in an environment with a (possibly) explosive atmosphere. It was created to protect the employees working in these environments. All the heating appliances and components below comply with the ATEX directive and are therefore deemed safe by the EU. They have been especially designed to be used in hazardous areas.

Immersion heaters

schroefImmersion heaters for the heating of liquids in hazardous areas.

Circulation heaters

schroefCirculation heaters for the heating of liquids in hazardous areas.

Process heating

schroefHeating elements for the heating of solutions in hazardous areas.

Comfort heating

schroefDevices for the heating of specific spaces.


schroefElectrical tracing is applied for keeping for instance piping frostfree or maintaining or heating up products by means of cables and/or heating mats.

Control & safety

schroefMeasuring and regulating your heating process in hazardous areas in complete safety.

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