Repair drum for heating Syrup

A manufacture of musli bars needed to warm up syrup to a certain temperature.
Only then the syrup can be used in production.
The original heating in the drum was functional for 10 years before falling out.
Buying of a new drum was very expensive, so he chose to repair the original one.
Existing broken heating with heating wires and fireclay was therefor removed and replaced by silicone heating mats.
Therefor we needed to cut holes in the double wall, remove old heating system, install a new heating, apply insulation and weld the drum.
The use of silicone mats with the same power as the original heating gives us a heating time of 25% shorter than with old type of heater.
Check pictures to see in what condition the heater was received, wich silicone mats we applied and how he looks like now he’s back in production.

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