Industrial insulated heating batterie of 270 kW

Industrial insulated heating coil of 270kW

This industrial insulated heating batterie of 270kW was built to warm up large storage silos in the port of Antwerp, in order to keep the products free of ambient air condensation.

Some specifications:

– Closed rectangular stainless steel battery thickness 30/10 H=500 L=500 D=1730mm with double wall and insulated

– Element 126 Aisi 309 dia 14mm 230V 2142W each.

– Stainless steel pressed connections M14X100 L=20, seals, stainless steel nuts

– 3 thermocouples type K dia 3mm x 800mm SL=3000mm made in stainless steel probe housing which makes thermal contact with the heating element. Per stage, there is a thermocouple provided. This thermocouple is connected by means of a 4 to 20 mA transmitter on terminals.

– Connections M6 protected in IP55 junction box 1720x500xH=200 distance 400mm

– Wiring of three stages 90kW, star connection, connection directly to copper distribution strip. Safety Protection through plexi plate.

– Flow control sensor with flexible hose dia 6.2mm

– Comes with divergent and convergent flange connection DN300 and seals.

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